Choosing the Best IoT Data Connectivity for IoT Platform

IoT data connectivity is the most fundamental requirement of an IoT use case. However, not every IoT platform utilizes the same connectivity solutions.

The Importance of Security of IoT Data for Users and Telecom Operators

Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising technology with potential to change the way life as we know it. It is already influencing industries like healthcare, retail, agriculture, automobiles and insurance. But it comes with one huge challenge in the form of security. The IoT data utilized in an IoT use case needs to beContinue reading “The Importance of Security of IoT Data for Users and Telecom Operators”

Getting to the Bottom of 2020-21 IoT Platform Trends

As a proof of concept, IoT has been pitched in many board meetings of various business operations in the past. But it is only now that we are seeing actual implementation of IoT and its true potential unleashed. From rent-a-bike to home surveillance systems, IoT platform is frequently implemented in a range of different scenarios.Continue reading “Getting to the Bottom of 2020-21 IoT Platform Trends”

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