The Importance of Security of IoT Data for Users and Telecom Operators

Internet of Things (IoT) is a promising technology with potential to change the way life as we know it. It is already influencing industries like healthcare, retail, agriculture, automobiles and insurance. But it comes with one huge challenge in the form of security. The IoT data utilized in an IoT use case needs to be encrypted with robust measures, in order to prevent unauthorized hacker access.

Security of Transmission and Devices by Following the Best Practices

The onus of protecting the IoT sensors devices lies on the shoulders of the IoT connectivity provider. It needs to follow the best practices to stop devious people from exploiting the loopholes and steal valuable customer data:

Strong security of devices and transmission

Both the stationary IoT devices and the transmitted signal need to be protected with strong security measures. Strong encryption standards like WPA2 and AES need to be used for stopping hackers from breaking into a transmission.

Constant upgrade of IoT devices

The IoT devices commissioned in a network can be hard to upgrade manually as there are too many of them spread around at different places. So, it is needed that IoT sensors devices come with OTA (Over the Air) firmware upgrade option. This is an essential requirement to keep the devices upgraded to meet emerging security threats.

Complete reporting of transactions and analytics

In order to observe what is going on in the network, the telecom operator should get complete reporting of every transaction. Such reporting can alert him to any security loopholes and vulnerabilities in the system. In the same way, analytics need to be used to gather insights about network condition. Automated diagnostics also provide a unique and effective way to seek out the problem.

IoT Development with security in mind

The IoT development needs to be done with security in mind. If the IoT sensors and devices are coded from the ground up with strong security, the results are much better.

Unique public IP address

Every connection should get a unique public IP address in order to bolster security. At Secure IoT Services, we implement the strongest of security measures and ensure robust protection of every IoT sensor and device.

Secure IoT Services also provides top-notch IoT Billing solutions and has the capacity to track millions and millions of IoT transaction. We harness the power of analytics to provide better business insights to our partnering MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs.

Published by Mark S Collins

Telgoo5 powers the leading MVNO's and agreegators. Telgoo5 has been offering award winning solutions since the past 15 years. The fastest growing and best MVNO's are all powered by Telgoo5. Processing millions of transactions each day. Telgoo5 can help you launch your MVNO, it is integrated with all major carrier and MVNA's.

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