Choosing the Best IoT Data Connectivity for IoT Platform

IoT data connectivity is the most fundamental requirement of an IoT use case. However, not every IoT platform utilizes the same connectivity solutions. In order to maximize the benefit from an IoT business, one needs to have the most appropriate connectivity solution.

Selecting the Best Wireless Technology for IoT

IoT is a diverse technology. There are many IoT sensors that remain connected and transmit signals to ensure proper implementation of an IoT network. For someone trying to leverage IoT for best gains, it is important to have information about every type of IoT connectivity available.

Have a look at some IoT connectivity types and their best use scenarios:

Mobile Network Connectivity

3G, 4G and 5G are the most basic cellular network connectivity types available. When you have to cover large areas, mobile connectivity becomes a necessity. For example, connected cars can move around and still communicate if they are powered by mobile connectivity. In the future, it is expected that 5G-connectivity would power a vast network of self-driving cars. Mobile connectivity is also widely used for long-range IoT surveillance systems.

Low Powered Long Range Connectivity

When you want your IoT devices to be operational for a long time on a single battery charge, Low Powered Long Range Connectivity solutions like SigFox, LoRA, LTE-M and NB-IoT become the ideal choice. These connectivity types maintain a low data rate, which does not exert the sensors. Hence, a single battery charge lasts for a long time and the battery life is also extended. Important use cases for this type of connectivity are monitoring of environment, tracking of assets and monitoring of perishable items.

Mesh Protocols

When there is a need to supply connectivity to several sensors connected in a mesh topology, connectivity solutions like Zigbee are preferred. Although they have a short range of 100 meters or less, they are very effective in reducing the power consumption by sensors.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

When you need to connect a home network that has many IoT devices, Wi-Fi is the most suitable choice. Although it is an expensive connectivity type, it can provide greater bandwidth and low latency. Mostly, it is used for connecting home gadgets and appliances.

When it comes to IoT development, you need the most ideal connectivity solutions for maximum benefit. However, IoT is a vast field and requires greater resources. To fulfill this requirement, it is essential to have an internet of things connectivity provider that can offer versatile connectivity solutions. Secure IoT Services excels at both connectivity and IoT billing solutions. It also offers superior tech support, so that your network remains operational at all times.

Published by Mark S Collins

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