Getting to the Bottom of 2020-21 IoT Platform Trends

As a proof of concept, IoT has been pitched in many board meetings of various business operations in the past. But it is only now that we are seeing actual implementation of IoT and its true potential unleashed. From rent-a-bike to home surveillance systems, IoT platform is frequently implemented in a range of different scenarios. However, its use is concentrated in the developed world and premium projects. But in 2020-21, it is all expected to change quite quickly.

The Reasons for Faster IoT Innovation

The biggest reason why IoT platform is expected to rise in 2020-21 is because of cheaper computing power and IoT sensors, speeding up of IoT development and lowering cost of IoT data. Along with that, we will see 5G data that will improve overall network connectivity required for IoT use cases.

These factors are going to give a boost to a rise in IoT innovation, which will gradually expedite development of new IoT trends.

Groundbreaking IoT Trends of 2020-21

Have a look at some of the most expected IoT platform related trends in 2020-21:

Move from cloud computing to fog and mist computing

Right now, we have cloud-based IoT solutions. But in the future, we will see increased use of fog and mist computing. The processing power will be kept closer to the IoT sensors as part of fog and mist-based solutions. Fog computing will put the processing power at the edge of the network and mist computing will have the processing power within the sensor and device. These technologies will make IoT use cases like real-time driving care even better. The delay time in receiving analytics from the server be reduced considerably.

Over the air firmware upgrade will become ubiquitous

Over the air (OTA) firmware upgrade is an essential requirement for sending updates to IoT sensors on a broad scale. As IoT development comes up with new definitions for security and improved solutions, they will be delivered via OTA. This step will lead to better security and improved performance of IoT sensors and devices.

Specialized IoT use cases In the present, we are talking about IoT sensors and devices in isolation. But in the future, there will be complete IoT solutions that will dominate the market. Smart microwaves will be replaced by smart kitchens, smart cameras will be replaced by complete surveillance systems. IoT will become a force to be reckon with in various industries especially healthcare and agriculture.

Published by Mark S Collins

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