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Bring your Thought Process to Life Quickly with Next-Gen MVNO Platform

As technology evolves, the telecom industry is changing quickly with time. Targeting small time markets has become the new norm for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Given the current state of affairs, it is crucial that an MVNO is always in sync with subscriber requirements and always ready to fulfill them. Hence, there is a growing need for a next-gen MVNO platform that lets them bring their thoughts to life quickly.

Deliver Better by Learning More

An MVNO can only reshape its plans if it knows what its target market wants. Therefore, accumulation of market data and analytics have become more important than ever before. A next-gen MVNO platform for MVNO and MVNE, MVNO does exactly that with the use of analytics. Big Data technology is implemented to find patterns in the way customer select and consume their services. This knowledge helps in coming up with better schemes.

Fast Conversion of Thoughts into Actions

A telecom billing system that quickly converts MVNO plans into actions is very important. It should provide greater flexibility in the charging and monetization of services. A modern-day OCS system charges every service at a single point; therefore, it allows MVNOs to stack different services in a single bundle. As part of a next-gen MVNO platform, an OCS is indispensable. It gives ample opportunities to innovate and even allows for short-term pilot projects to test the user response to new services.

Better Management of Vendor Partnerships

The MVNO model is based on the concept of vendor utilization. MVNO strategies require a vendor network for fulfilment. From acquisition of RAN (Radio Access Network) via MNO to technology procurement via MVNE, an MVNO is dependent on its partners. The same way it requires multiple vendor partnerships for other tasks like SIM delivery, payment gateways etc. In some cases, it might even need database access e.g. MVNOs in the USA use National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) via telecom support services provider. In the current times, new vendor partnerships can be accessed and managed through a cutting-edge MVNO platform that comes with APIs. For example, Telgoo5 is a telecom services provider for MVNOs that helps them in management of telecom operations like B/OSS operations, telecom billing and vendor management. It also provides complete revenue assurance along with timely reporting of every customer service usage. Partnering with Telgoo5 and accessing its MVNO platform is the sure shot way to success for an MVNO.


Published by Mark S Collins

Telgoo5 powers the leading MVNO's and agreegators. Telgoo5 has been offering award winning solutions since the past 15 years. The fastest growing and best MVNO's are all powered by Telgoo5. Processing millions of transactions each day. Telgoo5 can help you launch your MVNO, it is integrated with all major carrier and MVNA's.

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