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Why Success is Elusive for MVNO Operators?

A wireless MVNO is a great business model, but only if it is executed properly. Only 1 in 10 MVNOs get past the initial stages after their launch, which points to a very challenging situation. Although MVNO model is designed to facilitate subscribers who cannot afford MNOs pricey services, success for MVNOs remains elusive. InContinue reading “Why Success is Elusive for MVNO Operators?”

Skip Learning About OSS BSS Architecture and Start Your MVNO ASAP

A lot of MVNOs in the market are not very tech savvy. They might be very clever in sales and marketing, but their understanding of telecom technology, OSS BSS architecture and telecom billing is very limited. However, they have strong reasons to get into the MVNO business because they have the right amount of fundingContinue reading “Skip Learning About OSS BSS Architecture and Start Your MVNO ASAP”