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How OSS Telecom Software Can Simplify Telecom Billing System Architecture?

One would estimate that a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) requires great understanding of the entire telecom billing system architecture to impart its very own telecom services. But that is actually not the truth. Most MVNOs are not technically adept, and utilize OSS telecom software and billing solutions to conduct their day-to-day operations. There are many facets of a telecom software that are crucial for quality service delivery. The intuitiveness of the OSS BSS software is paramount, so that MVNOs can utilize the tool properly and extract maximum advantage.

What More You Need Apart from Simplicity?

A simple software can hide the complexity of OSS BSS architecture to a layman, but ease-of-use alone is not sufficient. It should be able to provide all the basic and advanced functionalities as listed below:

  • Quick service monetization and delivery
  • Real-time charging of every customer transaction
  • Revenue assurance to ensure services are delivered and billed as per the set expectations
  • Flawless enforcement of credit limits
  • Ability to integrate with legacy and next-gen modules and databases via APIs

At Telgoo5, you get every fundamental and next-gen technology as part of your OSS telecom software. We are committed to quality and accuracy of telecom billing and service delivery at every step.


Published by Mark S Collins

Telgoo5 powers the leading MVNO's and agreegators. Telgoo5 has been offering award winning solutions since the past 15 years. The fastest growing and best MVNO's are all powered by Telgoo5. Processing millions of transactions each day. Telgoo5 can help you launch your MVNO, it is integrated with all major carrier and MVNA's.

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