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Rapidly Add New Services to Catalog with MVNO-Specific Online Billing Software

Customer acquisition is the name of the game in an MVNO business. An MVNO mobile virtual network operator has to compete with its peers and also major MNOs in the region. So, it has to think on its feet and deliver services quickly. Due to their technical shortcomings, many MVNOs aren’t able to add new services and implement aggressive marketing strategies. As a result, they fall behind in the race. So, it is vital that your MVNO has the right telecom support system for performing the daily operations.

The Need for a Dedicated Platform

MVNO/MVNE operations are very business oriented. However, business functions and technical operations can only be carried out correctly, if B/OSS and online billing software related requirements are met. An MVNO/MVNE support platform needs to incorporate the following to ensure consistent operations:

Operational support

Faster provisioning of services, maintenance of inventory and tracking of service performance are some of the most important aspects of operational support. The revenue needs to be captured correctly, so that there are no irregularities later. Responsive and efficient subscriber management is also a major requirement. The operational support platform should give full control to the MVNO, so they can define various permissions for the users and at the same time stack up different services to create attractive bundles for the subscribers.

Business Support

Everything from customer management to order management falls under the scope of BSS i.e. Business Support System. The best telecom services vendor provides an integrated B/OSS platform that manages business and operation support functions cohesively. As the technology is evolving, companies are moving to NFV and SDN for complete digitalization of telecom operations. So, always partner with a technically superior vendor like Telgoo5, which evolves its operation to meet the current industry requirements.

Telecom Billing

Online billing software forms the crux of today’s fast-evolving telecom operations. There is an exigent need for a centralized charging platform like an Online Charging System (OCS) that can charge and rate services at a single point. This allows MVNO mobile virtual network operator to send completely itemized bills to its subscribers with every charge of every service clearly mentioned on it. Convergent telecom billing enhances the transparency in billing and builds trust in the MVNO’s subscribers.

Quick Monetization and Service Launch

A single-point OCS allows for quick monetization of services, and lets your MVNO launch services quicker than the competition. So, if your marketing team has a new idea, you can quickly put into action and reap great results with your marketing strategies.

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Control

Every MVNO is looking to make money.  So, it needs to bolster its operations and prevent any sort of revenue leak. Therefore, it needs a stable and fully-functional platform that audits transactions, reconciles carrier bills, detects frauds in their infancy and at the same time allows for data ingestion from different systems. No matter how good your online billing software is, if it fails at revenue assurance then you won’t succeed in the long-term.

API for Fulfilling Ad Hoc Requirements

A number of times MVNOs need to add new functionalities to serve their existing users. But they cannot go through the process of customizing software or buying a new one. In such cases, they need APIs that can bring in the desired functionalities. For example, they can add a new payment gateway or access the services of a shipping vendor by simply installing the relevant API. APIs and online billing software provided by a competent MVNO support platform like Telgoo5 can expedite the pace of service deployment. This allows you to reach your market fast and beat your competitors in the race of customer acquisition.


Published by Mark S Collins

Telgoo5 powers the leading MVNO's and agreegators. Telgoo5 has been offering award winning solutions since the past 15 years. The fastest growing and best MVNO's are all powered by Telgoo5. Processing millions of transactions each day. Telgoo5 can help you launch your MVNO, it is integrated with all major carrier and MVNA's.

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