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Be Part of a Change in the Telecom Industry with the Best MVNO Solutions

In the past, telecom industry was ruled by a handful of telcos who had complete monopoly in the market. But the introduction of MVNO model has changed the scene to some extent. However, the current world situation in the light of Covid-19 is not looking very good for any business. It is a time where businesses are stagnant, but the telecom industry still has hope. Due to the importance of connectivity in these times of lockdowns, MVNOs can actually break new ground and emerge as prominent household names. All they need to do is differentiate themselves from the rest, and find the MVNO solutions that can help them in their business endeavors.

Emerging MVNO Trends in Telecom

For an MVNO in telecom industry, there are several things that they need to do if they want to sustain themselves. Have a look at some of the important trends they should follow:

Employ new technologies quickly

For MVNO and MVNE to break new ground in the industry, it is important that they employ the latest innovations before it’s too late. Some of the most important technologies that can help them prosper are: eSIM for targeting new-age users, NFV for improving the efficiency of B/OSS and integration of AI as part of MVNO Billing Software. Apart from that, they also need to give some thought to the evolving but not yet mainstream tech like edge computing and blockchain. It is important to stay abreast of the latest technology as it helps you climb the bandwagon quickly when a new innovation arrives in the industry.

Leverage 5G for maximizing MVNO potential

5G is not just any technology but a gamechanger. This is the reason why we haven’t mentioned it in the previous section. 5G is going to bring in new opportunities for MVNOs in telecom industry. With 5G slicing becoming a norm, it would be possible for MVNOs to package AI/Big Data services along with cloud services to their customers. Such packages will benefit smaller enterprises (due to cost-effectiveness) and they will become permanent MVNO customers.

MVNO for low income group subscribers

Databases like NLAD are already used in the US for bringing services to people with low purchasing power. In the future, we are expected to see a rise in this trend as more and more MVNOs from across the globe would start offering services on similar lines. In their endeavors, they would receive support from the governmental bodies, which will make their venture a profitable one.

More focus on specific market segments


Published by Mark S Collins

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